Подскажите как распределить звонки попровайдерам

Привет всем!
В общем есть 2 местных SIP провайдера с префиксом 996, есть московский SIP провайдер префикс 7495 , и Таджикский префикс 992 все это крутится на Elastix.
На нем крутится колл-центр, в общем цель такова, чтобы операторы с внутреней нумерации при совершении исходящих звонков, если звонят в москву на пропер то отправлялось на московского оператора, если в таджикистан на пропер и мобильные то на Таджикского, все остальные звонки в том числе и местные распределялись между двумя местными провайдерами.
Подскажите пожалуйста, возможно ли это сделать и как?


Нужно настраивать файл

Нужно настраивать файл extensions.conf в пункте 8 есть пример -> http://invoip.net/2011/12/zashhita-asterisk-na-praktike/ , о файле extensions.conf -> http://invoip.net/2011/12/asterisk-ot-elementarnogo-k-bolee-slozhnomu-chast-2


Mulberry silk quilt market is

Mulberry silk quilt market is very confusing. There appear unhealthy price competition and fake and shoddy products even in many well-known brands. Poor quality mulberry silk quilt cannot promote human metabolism, even will cause health problem. Below is some tips which can help identify genuine mulberry silk to avoid consumer deception.

① look at the price. If price of mulberry silk quilt is calculated according to the net weight and per kilogram is less than 100 RMB, then we can conclude the quilt is fake and shoddy product. Because in addition to the cost of silk, it also includes the cost of fabric. If it is high-count cotton quilt cover, the price is generally about 15-35 RMB / m, a 200cm * 230cm silk quilt may need about 4.5 m fabrics which costs about 70-160 RMB. Adding to the processing fees, the value-added tax, corporate normal profits, business costs, employee wages, an authentic mulberry silk quilt is expensive!

②: fluff degree. In general, if the silk is very compacted, solid just like cotton quilts, this silk is usually fake and shoddy products. Because a good silk made ​​of silk, are generally very fluffy. With a beat, and it will soon rebound, therefore, pure silk is known to be porous.

③: kneading. In normal circumstances, filler of fake silk quilt on the test port is true silk, you can knead the silk in test mouth, and then kneading the quilt in the middle and elsewhere. It is false if there are significant differences. Genuine silk feels smooth and flexible, while other types of fillers will not.

④: burn. Now some manufacturers, cover a layer of genuine silk in outer, and fill chemical fiber inside the quilt, so some quilt price is particularly low. Therefore, consumer, should pull out some silk be in the silk layer (note: not surface), for combustion. Then burn silk thread, twist it into ashes, and then observe the ash state. If it is powder the thread is natural silk. Burning smells like burnt protein, if there is granule it contain synthetic ingredients, if the burnt cannot be twisted into powder, it is pure chemical fiber.

⑤: dissolution method: we can use 5% sodium hydroxide solution or disinfectant 84 to identify the content of silk. Silk can be dissolved while chemical fiber can not be dissolved. It is the most scientific method and can completely distinguish silk from chemical fiber, but it cannot distinguish silk from tussah! Recommend this method!

What is merino wool

What is merino wool yarn?
Merino wool yarn is made from wool shorn from Merino sheep. It is a kind of high quality and healthy fiber for yarn making.


Merino wool yarn is available in 2-ply and 3-ply strands in all weights ranging from lace to bulky. It is usually sold in twisted skeins that the knitter winds into balls before using.


Merino wool yarn can be found in its natural color, a creamy off-white, or some manufacturers will dye it during the spinning process, so it is available in a rainbow of colors.


Merino wool yarn is 100 percent wool and should be hand washed in warm to cool water and laid flat to dry. Hot water, or machine washing and drying, will shrink the wool fibers and cause them to felt.


Merino wool designated "superfine" is exceptionally soft and appropriate for even baby clothing. Merino wool is a renewable resource that can be made into garments with fire-retardant properties for children or adults.

Yarn-making Process

After Merino sheep are shorn, the fleece is compacted and shipped to a washing facility, then on to a mill for spinning into Merino yarn. A byproduct of this process is lanolin, a natural oil the sheep excretes, which is extracted for use in cosmetic products.

Доброго времени суток! Меня

Доброго времени суток!

Меня зовут Алекс .Я думаю, что Вам может быть интересен данный продукт.

GoAntiFraud (https://goantifraud.com) - это комплексное решение, позволяющее управлять GoIP оборудованием более эффективно.
Это достигается за счет того, что GoAntiFraud :

Это - Ротация сим-карт на основании большого количества параметров - (возможности ротации сим-карт в каналах).
Это - Полная автоматизация большинства рутинных процессов.
Это - Работа с USSD запросами
Это - Автоматическая работа с SMS трафиком
Это - Имитация поведения человека в GSM сетях
Это - Реализация суточных и недельных циклов активности человека.
Это - Создание сим-групп, имитирующих любимые номера
Это - Широкий функционал маршрутизации вызовов.

И многое другое, о чем Вы можете узнать у меня по контактам, приведенным ниже или же можете посмотреть более подробную информацию на сайте https://goantifraud.com

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Алекс Воронцов,

e-mail- alex@goantifraud.com
Скайп - alex.voronz
Телефон - +1 202 864 1191

Становитесь богаче с каждой минутой.

Unique informal use from

Unique informal use from Abercrombie & Fitch

When we talk of design and design outfits the first name that comes into our mind is Abercrombie France. One of the most well-known design brands in the world Abercrombie had got its popularity for developing some strong sports and camping gear use way returning in 1890s. The creator of the Abercrombie item was Mark Abercrombie who started Abercrombie Co. By 1900 Abercrombie was registered by Ezra Fitch and became Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Till Sixties Abercrombie & Fitch was producing searching and fishing outfits and equipment. Its top quality item was highly sought after with men. Some famous brands like Bear Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, and Paul Hemingway had abercrombie and fitch item. Hunting as a sport lost its popularity by Sixties and Abercrombie & Fitch had to reproduce its products. After a few difficulties, by 1992 Abercrombie & Fitch shifted returning with a complete new outfits variety which become a huge hit to younger people and youngsters. It came out with unique clothing like logo T-shirts, freight jeans, and components which became a design symbol and a must- have in the clothing collection of adolescents. The shops too became an eye-catching place to visit with blaring well-known music and trained sales agents.

Abercrombie & Fitch apart from its original idea are now classified more or less on the basis of age and are promoted through its subsidiaries which work under the abercrombie jogging item. The first one is abercrombie which uses traditional cool idea and provides age list of 9 to 14. The next is Hollister Co with So Cal idea serving age list of 16 to 25. Under this it also provides personal body care variety. The third is RUEHL No. 925 which uses Greenwich Town as its idea. This variety is meant for age list of 25 to 35. Leather bags and bags for females also come under this item. The latest idea from Abercrombie is Gilly Hicks using Down Under idea. It includes living room use and lingerie for females.

Abercrombie & Fitch has a large variety of outfits for both men and ladies with components like bags, shoes, and less difficult. abercrombie zürich has broad variety of males products from hooded sweatshirts and overcoats to knit tops. The overcoats come in mostly khaki, olive, greyish, and navy blue. They could be with or without fur receiver. Hoodies come in eye-catching lines and flatlands. The bluejeans are jean material in black, blue, or khaki with used out or washed out look. Bermuda for men include simply or opulent printing with devices or post. They have smart living room jeans with post and vibrant colored T-shirts with Abercrombie logo.

As with men abercrombie homme comes up with a variety of females outfits serving the youthful technology. It has womens layers, dress, hooded sweatshirts, bluejeans, jeans, polo, T-shirts, tops, and dresses. The bluejeans and dresses have the typical strong and used out looks. The bluejeans are low hips with thin fit or width. The dresses are mini with wool sparkle or simply look. Polo shirts and t-shirts are available in all colors with Abercrombie logo

Abercrombie pas cher provides components like bags, devices, brazilian bikinis, footwear, and less difficult. Abercrombie & Fitch is more than a design statement; it is a design of living implemented by the youthful technology. It has shops in North america and coming up with Western shops. They have millions of customers ready to buy their outfits with innovative Abercrombie logo.

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But Mrs. Greystock had a

But Mrs. Greystock had a plan. “Oh, mamma,?said Ellinor, when the plan was proposed to her, “do not you think that would be cruel??
“Cruel, my dear! no; certainly not cruel.?
“She is such a virago.?
“You think that because Lizzie Eustace has said so. I don’t know that she’s a virago at all. I believe her to be a very good sort of woman Air Jordan 4 Air Jordan 4.?
“Do you remember, mamma, what the admiral used to say of her??
“The admiral, my dear, tried to borrow her money, as he did everybody’s, and when she wouldn’t give him any, then he said severe things Nike Lebron 10. The poor admiral was never to be trusted in such matters.?
“I don’t think Frank would like it,?said Ellinor Nike Lebron pas cher. The plan was this. Lady Linlithgow, who, through her brother-inlaw, the late Admiral Greystock, was connected with the dean’s family, had made known her desire to have a new companion for six months. The lady was to be treated like a lady, but was to have no salary. Her travelling expenses were to be paid for her and no duties were to be expected from her, except that of talking and listening to the countess.

How is bamboo yarn made? Most

How is bamboo yarn made?
Most importantly to lovers of this naturally produced fiber, bamboo as a plant is considered environmentally sustainable, as it requires no pesticides to enhance its growth and is one of the most easily replenishable plants in the world, growing swiftly as long as there is a dependable source of water nearby. The products made from bamboo are durable and biodegradable - one of bamboos neatest characteristics. In Consinee Group 15 SPRING SUMMER series products, bamboo is blended with cashmere and cotton which make bamboo yarns more luxurious and comfortable.
How is bamboo yarn made? Bamboo yarn is created through a distillation and bleaching process that is very similar to how paper products are made from other kinds of trees. The wood and leaves of the bamboo tree are harvested and ground into small parts. These parts are then steeped in a mixture of water and chemicals until they become soft, and then shredded apart until the individual fibers of the bamboo are released and form a pulp. This pulp is easy to manipulate and can be bonded again into many different shapes, but first it must be processed. The pulp is run through several filters that take away unwanted contaminants and unnecessary particles and then put through a bleaching process that turns the pulp white. Once the pulp is whitened, it can be dyed with a variety of different colors, bonded again into long fibers and wound into yarn.

“How very unfortunate!?said

“How very unfortunate!?said Ellinor.
“Yes; is it not??
“I wonder what she said to Lord Fawn??
“She would speak out very plainly.?
“I suppose she has spoken out plainly, or otherwise they would never have told her to go away. It seems so unlike what I have always heard of Lady Fawn Air Jordan 4 Air Jordan 4.?
“Lucy can be very headstrong if she pleases,?said Lucy’s lover Nike Lebron 10. “What on earth had I better do for her? I don’t suppose she can get another place that would suit Nike Lebron pas cher.?
“If she is to be your wife I don’t think she should go into another place. If it is quite fixed,?she said, and then she looked into her brother’s face.

Clothier marketed 2 shops

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