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- перевод вызовов
- отображение информации о звонящем
- автоматическое открытие карточки
- привязка клиентов по номеру телефона на опред. менеджера
- прослушивание записей разговоров из 1С
- отправка факсов из 1С
- прием СМС в 1С

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Fabric made from Merino wool

Fabric made from Merino wool yarn is often used in the production of high-end outdoor aerobic clothing, and contrary to popular belief, it is neither itchy nor overly hot. Merino wool fabric does provide some warmth. The athlete is able to avoid hypothermia while wearing wool, as opposed to another material, such as cotton. Though one of its renowned elements is its wicking abilities — it draws sweat away from the skin and retains the moisture, though the clothing still feels dry to the touch.

Due to its uniquely thin fibers, this type of wool does not retain odors — bacteria cannot find a solid surface to grow on, making it anti-microbial, as well. It also is hypoallergenic, as is most wool. The fabric of merino wool yarn will shrink when washed or dried, but not much more than would a similar cotton garment, and it can often easily be stretched back to its original shape.

Merino wool yarn can also be blended with possum fur or polyester, as well as cashmere and silk to make into merino wool blend yarns. When combined with the latter fabrics, the ultrafine wool makes for a smooth and soft garment. Popular garments made from merino wool yarn include lightweight knits and base athletic layers, sweaters, and socks. Buyers should be sure to check the garment tag, as some wool should only be dry-cleaned or hand-washed.

Fine wool sheep with mainly

Fine wool sheep with mainly merino descent can be found all over the world, which produces about one third of the world total wool production amount. In which Australia Merino wool production (greasy) is about 350,000 tons, equivalent to 40% of the world's fine wool yield, therefore is the largest producer and supplier of Merino wool. By wool fineness Australian Merino wool can be divided into four grade: superfine wool with quality counts more than 70, an average diameter of 18 microns or less and length from 5 to 9 cm; fine wool type with quality counts 70 to 66, average diameter of 18 to 20 microns and a length of 5 to 10 cm; medium wool with quality count 66 to 64, average diameter of 20 to 22 microns and length of 6 to 11 cm; rough wool with quality count 64 to 60, the average diameter of the 23 to 25 microns and length from 6 to 12 cm. Those four were made ​​into yarns or textile materials suitable for mid-range, high-grade or high-quality clothing. In Consinee- Top Line, superfine merino wool is used to blend spun with super kid mohair, polyamide fiber and made into luxurious brushed yarn with fluffy feel.
Merino sheep is a main parent to cultivate major semi-fine sheep. New Zealand has cultivated semi-fine variety Corriedale sheep by hybridizing long-haired Lincoln sheep and Merino sheep. Corriedale wool quality is between wool of Lincoln and Merino wool; By mating Merino sheep ram with Lincoln ewes and Merino generation hybrids, and by the ideal self-group breeding of their offspring born, we got sheep with three-quarters of Merino sheep descent such as Boer Wentz or Columbia sheep. Their wool quality count is 60 to 58, with an average diameter of 23 to 25 microns and length from 10 to 13 cm.
China began to introduce the Australian merino sheep in 1972 to improve the length, color, pure wool content and fineness of China sheep wool. And the result is very effective.

Mercerized wool is processed

Mercerized wool is processed by treatment in dyeing and finishing craft in wool textile through which the mercerizing craft is carried out. The normal wool need treating by BasolanDC chlorinated or protease to destroy scales of the wool surface, reducing the coefficient of friction differences forward and reverse movement of wool. The wool treated has better luster, commonly known as mercerized wool. Mercerized wool can also be spun into pure mercerized wool yarn or mercerized blended yarn. The main feature of mercerized wool is the shrink-resistant, machine washable and pilling-resistant.
As a professional luxurious yarn manufacturer, CONSINEE applies mercerized wool in yarn spinning. Mercerized wool yarn is yarn made from mercerized wool. Mercerized wool can be blended spun with cashmere, silk, cotton etc. Consinee has stock service of 2/26 nm 70%Mer.wool(90's)30%Cashmere, 2/48nm 70%Mer.wool30%Silk(Semi-Worsted, 100% mercerized wool yarn etc. All these yarns are classic items and can be used in sweater and different knitwear knitting. Therefore they are favored by top designers and manufacturer for years.
Mercerized wool technology originated in the mid-nineties, which is a new dyeing process developed in the basis of traditional shrink-proof wool chlorination process. Wool fabric treated by the process has cashmere feel and silky sheen. For these characteristics, mercerized wool products (mercerized wool yarn, mercerized wool knitwear soon popped up. Now, mercerized wool has been very normal and popular and the market share of mercerized wool has exceeded possession of ordinary wool products.

By standards of textile

By standards of textile industry of country, wool sweater containing 100% wool is called pure wool sweater no matter it is worsted or woolen. In fact in order to improve property of yarn worsted wool product is allowed to contain no more than 5% other fiber like polyamide or polyester fiber. Woolen product is allowed to contain no more than 7% other fiber.

If used for decoration and decorative fiber must be visible, then other fiber content in finished non-worsted wool can be relaxed to 7% and content in woolen product is allowed to contain no more than 7% non-wool fiber. But both (referring to decorate and improve spinning performance) shall not exceed 7% of the total.

If pure wool sweater contain 7% non-wool fiber by the standard, whether it is worsted or woolen goods, it can only be labeled as "pure wool", and not labeled "100% wool". Only the finished wool product with gross amount indeed 100%,can be labeled as "100% wool” on the trademark or logo.

How to deal with pills on

How to deal with pills on knitwear of pure wool yarn?
Knitwear of pure wool yarn would grow pills for long time rubs of the wool fiber on clothes. Generally people may think the wool knitwear that grows pills of poor quality, but in fact it is the sign of good quality wool knitwear. Soft knitwear of pure wool yarn of good texture is easy to get pilling. Do not snap off the pills which would damage the wool yarn. You can cut off obvious pills with scissor.
How to deal with dust on knitwear of pure wool yarn?
Knitwear of knitwear of pure wool yarn is knitted by pure wool yarn which is different from suite of fabric. If the knitwear of pure wool yarn gathers dust, you cannot clean with brush. Different from knitwear of chemical fiber, knitwear of pure wool is unlikely to have static elasticity. But both are easy to gather dust in wearing. So you should clean it earlier with special roller.
Why dose knitwear of pure wool yarn has a hole?
There are many reasons for breaking of knitwear, such as putting clothes away before cleaning up the blotch or moisture. Knitwear of pure wool yarn should be put away after total drying up. Wool is composed of protein and easily to get eroded by moth if not being carefully cared. Because pure wool knitwear that has been worn has perspiration it should be dried in shade before putting away. If you keep it in wardrobe you can also put in some drying agent. Wool is a kind of natural fiber that needs breathing. Pure wool yarn knitwear has many advantage as summer or winter clothing, but it is also easy to grow pills and moths. You must has a good understanding of its properties to wear it in good way.

Raw silk, is actually a

Raw silk, is actually a variety of silk, it can be said semi-finished product of bright silk, because the general process of silk making is silk cocoons --- raw silk--- bright silk.
First cocoons are generally added to 80 degrees hot cocoon cooking vessel, after the cocoon becoming softening and expanding, silk is pull out and wrapped in the silk reeling shelves, then this is raw silk.
Raw silk becomes bright silk after processing.
Generally silk fabrics made ​​from raw silk are relatively stiff and easy to make styling; While silk fabrics made ​​of bright silk are relatively soft and close to skin.
So raw silk is also a variety of silk. Generally raw silk fabrics made ​​with raw silk are suitable for making douppion of curtain and silk gauze and taffeta of wedding dress. It is very popular at home and abroad.

Silk chiffon is an uncommon

Silk chiffon is an uncommon silk fabric in silk fabric industry. People say more georgette than chiffon.

The composition of silk chiffon is 100% mulberry silk yarn. Clothes of real silk fabric are good to people’s skin. People may find silk-like fabric in Internet, which is not 100% silk fabric and not breathable and moisture absorbing. Silk chiffon also has some disadvantage which cannot be compared with chiffon-like fabric. Silk chiffon fabric is easily get dimmed after washing and not solid for the stitches is easily torn; it may grow yellow in sun exposure; it needs hand washing.

Now silk chiffon and georgette is two different varieties. The manufacturer would label different mark.

Generally speaking,

Smooth and wrinkle-free silk fabric is called silk chiffon (the shrinkage after washing is about 10%).

Coarse and wrinkled silk fabric is called silk georgette (the shrinkage after washing is about 15%).

Now there are many chiffon clothes which is a silk-like fabric. Chiffon is thin, soft and has good drape. Of course these features are only appearance characteristics and cannot be kept up with silk chiffon. Because silk-like chiffon is made from chemical fiber, it has the characteristics of chemical fiber such as it is solid, not easy to fade and easy to take care (machine washable).

What is the difference

What is the difference between Silk and chiffon?
1. With silk as raw material, the filament silk made by reeling a number of bave is also known as real silk.
2. The common varieties of silk fabrics in accordance with the process roughly crepe de chine, heavy crepe, georgette, fancy crepe georgette, heavy georgette, jacquard, crepe satin plain, stretch satin and several other categories.
3. Silk is a kind of natural animal protein fiber, and the main raw material of silk fabric weaving. Silk is smooth, soft, shiny, cool in summer and warm in winter, and has good ductility and heat resistance. Silk fabric has a special silk scroop when rubbing. It is not resistant to salt water erosion, and should not be treated by chlorine bleach or detergent. When burned out silk has a smell of burning hair which is the odor when protein fiber is burned.
4. The general composition of chiffon is 100% polyester (chemical class), with its famous representative is georgette. Chiffon contains polyester. Texture features of chiffon: thin, soft, good natural drape, skin-friendly feel (of course, these are just the appearance features and still cannot keep up with the quality of real silk chiffon), but because silk-like chiffon is chemical products it is also easy to wash, not afraid of exposure, it is very easy to take care of (machine washable available), and has good fastness which is features of polyester.

What is the difference pure

What is the difference pure silk fabrics and silk blend fabric? Pure silk fabric refers to fabric with composition 100% silk, not containing other ingredients. The opposite is blended fabrics, such as cotton silk satin or silk cotton polyester blends.

But generally pure silk is relatively colloquial word, the written expression is 100% silk or 100% other fabrics.

In addition, there is a special silk fabric in the fabric, silk fabric with elasticity, spandex silk satin, spandex crepe, spandex georgette, etc., which is fabric with elasticity, while the silk itself is not very elastic, so will definitely add some with stretch such as spandex. General stretch silk fabric ingredient is 4%-6% spandex and 94% -96% the silk.

Sometimes talking in general terms people will put silk fabric with stretch classified as a class of pure silk.

Raw silk, is actually a variety of silk, it can be said semi-finished product of bright silk, because the general process of silk making is silk cocoons --- raw silk--- bright silk.

First cocoons are generally added to 80 degrees hot cocoon cooking vessel, after the cocoon becoming softening and expanding, silk is pull out and wrapped in the silk reeling shelves, then this is raw silk. Raw silk becomes bright silk after processing.

So also a silk raw silk, raw silk made ​​silk fabrics in general have often used to make curtains double house, suitable for wedding silk raw silk, taffeta and so on. So raw silk is also a variety of silk. Generally raw silk fabrics made ​​with raw silk are suitable for making douppion of curtain and silk gauze and taffeta of wedding dress. It is very popular at home and abroad.

Where to buy high quality

Where to buy high quality cashmere yarn?

Of all the yarn types, cashmere is especially valued for its softness and rich, natural colors. Cashmere yarn is the ideal choice when special, luxurious super-soft knitted pieces are wanted either for the knitter or to give away as a gift. Cashmere yarns make the softest and most elegant looking hats, sweaters, shawls and more. Since cashmere yarn is expensive, make sure you get the quality and softness you pay for by dealing with a yarn shop you trust.
You may compare the prices of cashmere yarn between shops, but also read labels closely to be sure the quality is the same or better. But do you know where to buy high quality cashmere yarn? It’s best if you can shop in person to feel the texture of different cashmere yarns, but if you’re shopping online, you’d better buy cashmere yarn from famous brand such as Consinee which is the largest cashmere yarn exporter in China and Consinee cashmere yarn is favored by many top brands and designers. You may be able to ask the company to send you a few yarn samples. Many stock color of Consinee cashmere yarn is color card and part cone available. You can Choose the composition and color you like and then ask for color card for reference.
There are many different blends of cashmere yarns. For example, some have silk added for extra softness. In Consinee there are 100% pure cashmere yarn and cashmere blends like cashmere silk yarn, cashmere wool yarn , cashmere cotton yarn etc. It’s a good idea to knit smaller projects such as hats so you can try out different cashmere yarns before knitting larger projects such as sweaters. This way, you’ll be less likely to be disappointed with the outcome after the cost and time invested in a larger knitting project made with such high-quality yarn. If you work with different cashmere yarn weights, you’ll also get an idea of which needle size you prefer to get the looks you want

One reason for high price of

One reason for high price of cashmere yarn is the output of raw cashmere material is low and intensive process is needed to get raw material to spun. An adult goat produces only about 200to 250g cashmere a year. Beside China and Mongolia the production area of cashmere material also include other parts of Asia and the Middle East, including Pakistan, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Iran, also raise cashmere goats, although they tend to produce gray or brown hair, which is not as highly prized. In addition, most hair produced in these areas is somewhat stiffer, and less soft. For this reason, it is used in lower grade garments and weavings, although because of the intensive process to harvest it, it can still be quite costly.
High quality cashmere is always hand combed from the goats. After combing, the hair is cleaned to remove impurities, which often reduces the yield by as much as two thirds of the original weight. The remaining pure fiber is silky soft, and ready for dying and carding prior to being spun. Cashmere is often knitted into two-ply yarn, which is a superior form of yarn, but also twice as expensive because it involves two strands. When a single strand of yarn is used, the twist in the yarn created as it is spun can pull at a sweater, changing the shape over time: two ply yarn uses two strands going in opposite directions to eliminate a bias in the weave or knit. The production craft of spinning cashmere yarn is complex and demanding. Only powerful company with strong fund and technology support can maintain the production line operation.
Because cashmere is so expensive and labor intensive to produce, it must be taken care of appropriately. The material is highly durable and will last for years if cared for properly. It should always be washed by hand in warm water with mild soap, and blotted gently with a towel before laying it out flat to dry. Individuals who own cashmere garments should appreciate the effort that goes into making them; it would take a single goat four years to produce enough wool for a sweater, and producing one also involves countless hours of labor to raise, feed, and care for the unique animal.

The best cashmere yarn for

The best cashmere yarn for thinner, silky socks is often fingering or baby weight. For super-silky socks, try using cashmere yarns with silk added. Cashmere tweed fingering weight yarn often makes the best classic men’s dress socks.
Cashmere goat farms that raise the animals to shear off and process their hair into yarn often sell high-quality yarns. Natural cashmere colors range from ivory and taupe to sand and gray. Many beautiful knitted pieces can be made from just these colors alone. Natural colors may work best for a classic keepsake such as a cashmere sweater.
In old times beautiful hand-painted cashmere yarns are also available. But the quantity is limited. Many of these are multicolored, so the resulting look can be quite beautiful. The best knitting patterns for these one-of-a-kind yarns may be those with minimal stitch variations since the color may provide enough detail in the piece. For example, a baby blanket knitted in one or two stitches with hand-painted multicolored cashmere yarn can make a stunning shower gift.
Now most cashmere yarn provided in various colors in market are manufactured in factory. Consinee choose environmentally friendly dyeing stuff and assistants to imported from Swiss and Germany with the most updated sewage treating and cycling system. Therefore Consinee cashmere yarn is eco-friendly and healthy that can be used for making children knitwear.

General wool sweater would

General wool sweater would shrink and be distorted severely after washed in a household washing machine, or even become completely unusable. Now, some brand put forward the "machine washable" wool sweater, indicating it can be washed in household washing machines without shrinkage or deformation. It solves some trouble to manually sweater washing. Why the normally wool sweater can be machine washed? There are two types, one is to blend the wool fibers with other chemical fiber (such as adding acrylic, polyester, etc.) in order to reduce the wool felting. Another is to treat wool sweater a resin-type shrink resistance, so that it can withstand washing in household washing machines. But no matter it is what kind of "machine washable" wool sweaters it is cannot compare with any other clothes that machine washable. Generally the best choice is gentle washing, to prevent unnecessary damage.
Generally, machine washable wool is specially treated wool. Chlorine oxidation is the one commonly used method in which wool fiber is simply immersed in a saturated chlorine chemical reagents and then the chloride react with the outer layer scale, so that scales are partially or wholly softened or strip , therefore reducing performance fulling milling of wool, also resisting shrinkage. The principle is to reduce friction between the fibers to resist shrinkage.

Wool yarn garment is

Wool yarn garment is necessary clothes for many people for its excellent property. But wool item is delicate and easy to shrink if not dealt with carefully. Now there are some tips for washing wool yarn garment to avoid shrinkage.
First, if you hand wash your garment of wool yarn the water temperature is preferably about 35 degrees, squeeze gently should with hand, avoid rub or twist. Do not use the washing machine if it is not machine washable wool clothes.
Second, be sure to use a neutral detergent. When used, the proportion of water and detergent is generally 100: 3.
Third, slowly add cold water to rinse, so that the water temperature gradually cools down to indoor temperature, then rinse several times until there is no trace of detergent in the water.
Fourth, after wash, first press out excessive water with hand and then wrap up with dry cloth, press again. Or you can use the centrifugal dewatering machine but note to wrap the wool yarn garment with a piece of cloth before putting into the dryer; Do not dehydrate wool yarn garment for too long, a maximum of 2 minutes.
Fifth, after dehydration, spread out to dry in ventilated place; Do not hang dry or expose to direct sun to avoid sweater deformation. Wool yarn garment is a delicate and healthy clothes as well as necessary item in wardrobe. With good care, wool yarn garment can avoid shrinkage and deformation. I hope the above information can help you take care of your wool yarn garment.


Sweater of wool yarn is easy to shrink if not carefully washed. How to deal with your shrinking wool sweater? Here is some tips.
1. Steam ironing
Steam iron your shrinking wool sweater and stretch the fiber with hands while it is hot. Because the ironing area is limited, you can iron wool sweater in several times to ensure stretch evenness. Do not stretch too much in one time. You should know the total stretch length and the stretch length of each time. You can measure the length after stretch and make adjustment. Do not overstretch.
You should iron on ironing table. If it is at home you can spread a piece of tag on table. After the ironing you’d better reform it on form finisher.
2. Thick paperboard
A thick paperboard can also help stretch your shrinking wool yarn sweater. You can cut the paperboard by the size and form of your wool sweater. You’d better polish the edges with abrasive paper to avoid destroy the wool thread. Put the paperboard into wool yarn sweater and steam iron wool sweater in all parts. Put off the paperboard after the wool yarn sweater cool down.
3. Dry cleaner
You can also send your wool sweater to the dry cleaner. Dry wash it and then hang it in special hanger. Stream iron wool sweater in heat and then wool sweater can return to its original form. The price is same as that of dry washing.
Tips: pay attention to the sewn-in label, careful wash is important to sweater of wool yarn.

Yak wool is a special natural

Yak wool is a special natural animal fiber and mostly unknown to many people. Yak fiber can be made into yak yarn for garment production. Yaks live in Himalayas highland of altitude exceeding 5000 meters. To survive in such harsh environment they have developed soft wool fiber over centuries.
Yaks yield three kind of wool fibers. The first fiber exceeds 50 microns and traditional used to make ropes and tents. This fiber can be made into strong but extremely uncomfortably fabrics. This fiber is visible and is the guard hair on yak.
The middle layer yak fiber is that between 25microns to 50 microns. This layer fiber can be spun into yarn but it is still rough and uncomfortable. In spite of its roughness, they has other application for their strength and warmth.
The yak fiber we use is the down hair with diameter finer than 25 microns. High quality yarn usually use yak fiber fine between 17.5 to 19 microns to make sure the yarn and garment is soft and warm. And yak fiber in this range can also gives garment softness and durability.
In Consinee 15/16 FALL/WINTER series, we introduce yak yarn APOLLO series. Its composition is 65%baby wool 25%yak 10% cashmere. There are 20 colors in stock with minimum order quantity 1kg/color. This series is soft, comfortable, and luxurious with the characteristic of cashmere fiber and wool. and suitable for sweater, scarf or other garment in fall winter season. So this yak yarn is very popular in market.

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“And carriage horses and hacks??
“The carriage horses are here, of course.?
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Nouveau à la liste: le 20thranked Oklahoma State Cowboys, d'une valeur de 47 millions $. OSU a reçu 350 millions de dollars en dons du milliardaire T. Boone Pickens ancien élève de cette décennie, y compris 250 millions de dollars prévus pour le département sportif, dont le stade de football porte désormais son nom.

Il n'y a rien comme être petite fille à papa» ou pour être l'acolyte de votre père petit projet. Fête des pères est souvent sous-évalué, moins télévisé et laisse le visage papas obtiennent les pires cadeaux. Donc, aujourd'hui, je voudrais partager l'importance des pères dans 4 athlètes couronnés de succès.

La couleur de l'atelier Lumière avec Arthur Meyerson est conçu pour les photographes amateurs et professionnels souhaitant renforcer leurs capacités à voir et à travailler en couleur. Grâce tâches quotidiennes de prise de vue, critiques et discussions, les participants acquièrent des techniques pour devenir plus sensible à la lumière et ses effets sur la couleur, la composition, la texture, la structure, et le geste. L'accent sera mis sur l'étude de la couleur d'un point de vue personnel.

Trouvé sur son corps était 90 $, un téléphone cellulaire Telus, un iPod et un collier en argent avec une croix, la cour a entendu. Une fois avait fréquenté l'école, a déclaré le procureur. Il a peur. Un ensemble de bâtiments comprend environ trois immeuble de bureaux et une couche de cinq centres de conférences polyvalentes montrera son apparition après la construction. Accompagner de l'immeuble commercial de bureau, un terrain de football, un terrain de basket intérieur standard et les installations de conditionnement physique firstclass sera également construite. Un ensemble complet de services de restauration et un centre de conférence séparée utilisée pour la tenue d'événements d'envergure et lancements de produits sera installé dans le nouveau siège.

(2002). Utilisation d'un cadre Monte Carlo pour caractériser le risque hydrologique. ANCOLD Bulletin No. Nike parraine l'ensemble de l'équipe olympique américaine. Les Jeux Olympiques de Londres pourrait être l'événement le plus talkedabout jamais sur Twitter, comme les Jeux couvrent un mois et impliquent presque tous les pays du monde. Nike a plus que doublé la performance du S au cours des six derniers Jeux olympiques, et je crois va augmenter encore plus cette fois.

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