Выбор Open Source не из-за цены, а из-за качества

Компания Accenture опубликовала результаты проведённого опроса 300 крупных организаций США и Великобритании. Исходя из результатов ожидается повышение спроса на решения Open Source и переход критических приложений на базу решений с открытым кодом.

Отметим, что среди преимуществ открытого программного обеспечения доминирует фактор высокого качества. Затем следует надёжность и высокая безопасность. Лишь половина респондентов указали на низкую совокупность стоимости владения.

Однако на основании результатов 2009 года 1/5 часть корпоративных разработок программного обеспечения основывалась на программах Open Source. Так, в соответствии с прогнозами это доля будет увеличиваться до 2013 года. Однако 1/3 часть компаний готовы делиться своими наработками в области Open Source с сообществом.


Merino Wool Sheep in

Merino Wool Sheep in History
In Consinee Group-Top line, merino wool is widely used in our 15AW series yarn products. Top Line adopts high quality extra fine merino wool to produce luxurious fashion yarns. Merino wool is often blended with cashmere, silk, cotton or polyamide fiber and viscose , Lurex yarn such as ELEKTRA is made from 63%Extrafine Merino Wool, 37%Polyamide Fiber. Brushed yarns like WALTZ (27%Super Kid Mohair, 21%Extrafine Merino Wool, 52%Polyamide Fiber) and SCOUT (84%Extrafine Merino Wool, 16%Cashmere) are enjoyed great popularity in market.
But do you know history about merino wool sheep? Merino breeders were associated in the Mesta and maintained a monopoly on the race. The merino seems to have originated from the crossing of Spanish with Berber sheep breeds in the 14th and 15th centuries. Sheep exportation was forbidden, and wool commerce through the ports of the Hermandad de la Marina de Castilla (the local shipping authority at the time) to Flanders and England was a source of income for Castile in the Late Middle Ages.
Eventually, because of the popularity and lucrative commerce stemming form the raising of these beautiful sheep, and the because of the success in breeding and cultivating softer variations of the wool from them, Merinos spread across Europe, especially to Germany, France and Austria-Hungary,. The so-called "American merino", the Delaine, the Vermont and the Rambouillet, are well-known derivative breeds in the United States. They were first brought over to Maine from Portugal in 1810 illegally by Capt. Ephraim Sturdivant. The best-known derivative breeds are the Rambouillet, a large merino breed named after the village near Paris, to which it was exported towards the end of the 18th century, and the Negretti, which stands in closer relationship to the old Spanish stock and has shorter wool but more wrinkled fleece.

How to Prevent Wool Yarn

How to Prevent Wool Yarn Garment from Shrinking ?
Wool yarn garment is necessary clothes for many people for its excellent property. But wool item is delicate and easy to shrink if not dealt with carefully. Now there are some tips for washing wool yarn garment to avoid shrinkage.
First, if you hand wash your garment of wool yarn the water temperature is preferably about 35 degrees, squeeze gently should with hand, avoid rub or twist. Do not use the washing machine if it is not machine washable wool clothes.
Second, be sure to use a neutral detergent. When used, the proportion of water and detergent is generally 100: 3.
Third, slowly add cold water to rinse, so that the water temperature gradually cools down to indoor temperature, then rinse several times until there is no trace of detergent in the water.
Fourth, after wash, first press out excessive water with hand and then wrap up with dry cloth, press again. Or you can use the centrifugal dewatering machine but note to wrap the wool yarn garment with a piece of cloth before putting into the dryer; Do not dehydrate wool yarn garment for too long, a maximum of 2 minutes.
Fifth, after dehydration, spread out to dry in ventilated place; Do not hang dry or expose to direct sun to avoid sweater deformation. Wool yarn garment is a delicate and healthy clothes as well as necessary item in wardrobe. With good care, wool yarn garment can avoid shrinkage and deformation. I hope the above information can help you take care of your wool yarn garment.