Преднадпечатанная этикетка

Преднадпечатанная этикетка - этикетка, маркирующая надпись или изображение на которой заранее сформированы на производящем предприятии или в лаборатории (офисе) системного интегратора, выполняющего инсталляцию СКС.


Impact dyed polyester webbing

Impact dyed polyester webbing Rerong Cause Analysis

Due to the impact of the Viscose yarn original billet, the production process , technique and other factors, continuous hot melt dyeing polyester webbing color issues often arise , including as color, color front and rear , and the left -right side of the pros and cons of color and color . Currently, dyed color standard export grade product requirements 4-5 above , therefore , the need to repair backstaining color while greatly increasing the cost of production dyeing , reducing production efficiency. How to prevent and control the color, has become an important issue webbing industry need to be addressed.

( 1 ) roll pressure uniformity fixing temperature curing tank , infrared pre-drying temperature , moisture content, Antimigrant mass concentration and other factors will affect the continuous hot melt polyester webbing dyed color. Generally choose the roll pressure 0 2MPa, baking oven temperature does not exceed the difference between the left -right 2 ℃, infrared pre-baking temperature 100 ℃, Antimigrant mass concentration does not exceed 15 g / L;. The blanks with pre-treatment to fully dry , to effectively control the ribbon dyed color.

( 2 ) billet with quality management and machine dyes formulations also have an important impact on the control of color staining . Hot melt polyester webbing dyeing production process, to the system with consistent quality control blanks , in a timely manner machine yarn suppliers maintenance and repair , rational use of dyes and auxiliaries , to get a good dyeing effect. ( 3 ) other factors chromatic aberration produced on production management , the impact of dyeing polyester webbing left, right color have the following main aspects.

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