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Tips for Handling of

Tips for Handling of silk
Only during recent years have relatively heavy reeled silk yarns become available to handweavers. They are extremely slippery and require some special handling. A ball winder should not be used with reeled silk yarn. The silk yarn will slip off, making a tangled mess. Wind the silk yarn balls by hand, or better still, wind your warp and shuttle directly from the skein placed on a yarn holder (swift). It is best to clamp the swift sideways rather than upright. Investing in a couple of swifts and bypassing the ball stage saves time and tangle no matter what type of silk yarn you are working with.
Yarn Count
Gorgeous silk yarn in a stunning assortment of textures and colors - from Artyarns regal silk, a handpainted silk yarn, Tilli Tomas Artisan Yarns and our very own Hand Dyed Peau de Soie. Silk is undeniably one of our favorite fibers - spring, summer, winter, fall, you'll find something to remind you of why this is called the 'fiber of royalty'. In Consinee 15 Spring Summer series, pure silk or silk blend is popular yarn product. Silk cashmere yarns such as KASHMIR, BHUTAN, SAMARKAND are worsted or semi-worsted high count yarn which are suitable for spring summer knitting use.
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